Online Ticket Seller Is A free Box Office Solution For Any Event Organiser.

To clarify; we do not charge the event organiser to use our facilities. There are no hidden fees such as license or subscription fees. Our fees are met solely by the booking fee which you opt to add on to a ticket price or include within the ticket price, either way, the end user of the service pays our fees... Not the event organiser.

All card transaction/processing costs are also included within our booking fee and therefore you have no additional costs to consider... Online Ticket Seller is a hassle free solution to selling tickets online for any event.

Ticket Price Fee
£0.00 - £0.00 0%
£0.01 - £10.00 10% min 70p
£10.01 - £20.00 9%
£20.01 - £30.00 8%
£30.01 - £40.00 7%
£40.01 - £100.00 6%
£100.01 + 5%

Charities - If you are hosting an event on behalf of a charity and are able to supply evidence of this, please contact us for discounted prices.

When an event organiser uploads an event and is ready to sell tickets, they have three options on how to add the booking fee;

Fee Options

  1. Add the fee: the booking fee will be added to the transaction and paid by your customer. For example, a £10.00 ticket will have a 10% booking fee added to the total (£1.00), this appears as a booking fee on checkout and the total ticket price is £11.00. From this, the event organiser will receive the initial £10.00 and Online Ticket Seller will keep the £1.00 booking fee to cover card processing costs and administration.
  2. Include the fee: the booking fee will be included in the total cost of the tickets and absorbed by the event organiser. For example, a £10.00 ticket will have a 10% booking fee (£1.00) included within the price, this shows a £0.00 booking fee on checkout and the total ticket price remains at £10.00. From this, the event organiser will receive £9.00 and Online Ticket Seller will keep the £1.00 booking fee to cover card processing costs and administration.
  3. Split the fee: this is literally a 50/50 split between options 1 and 2. For example, a £10.00 ticket would incur a 10% fee (£1.00). This option allocates 50% of this as 'add the fee' and 50% as 'include the fee'. This would show a booking fee of £0.50 on checkout and the total ticket price will appear as £10.50. From this, the event organiser will receive £9.50 and the remaining £1.00 will be kept as a booking fee by Online Ticket Seller to cover card processing costs and administration.

Your selection can be changed at any time simply by entering your account and editing the ticket fees option.


We send 'Electronic Tickets' and 'Mobile Tickets' as standard with each transaction and also offer 'Physical Tickets' by post at an additional charge of £1.50 for the 1st ticket and an additional 50p per ticket thereafter using 'Standard Post'. We also offer to post 'Physical Tickets' using 'Recorded Delivery' at an additional cost of £3.00 per transaction.


As the cardholder is not present when transactions are made, we do occasionally experience cardholders that claim the purchase was not made by themselves and that they did not authorise the transaction. When this occurs, we will on each occasion investigate the case to the best of our ability. If we are unable to prove that the cardholder did authorise the transaction or was aware of the transaction, this would incur a chargeback fee from the bank/card processing company. We will always endeavour to resolve any charge back enquiries with the customer directly, and most of the time we are able to successfully resolve the enquiry without incurring a charge back. However, where a charge back does occur, the charge back fee is passed on to the event organiser.

Tickets purchased from Online Ticket Seller are strictly non-transferable and non-refundable. The only time we would offer a refund is if the event is cancelled, moved to another date, or if details of the event are significantly changed after an order is placed (significant changes being a change of headline act (concerts only) or venue).

Transfer Of Funds

Following each event that is promoted on the Online Ticket Seller site, a full report is prepared showing a comprehensive breakdown of ticket sales revenue, which includes; total revenue from the event, total money transferred to your account, if you have more than one ticket option; a detailed remittance showing how many tickets have sold for each option, and finally a breakdown of the total booking fee.

Within your account page in the 'Client Console' you have complete control on how your event is displayed; including the event description, banner, ticket types, seating plan (if applicable), and more. The event organiser also has a personal dashboard which shows real time sales reports and also provides detailed information about your customers including contact details so that you are able to contact them directly to promote future events.

Transfer of funds (less booking fees) will be transferred to the clients nominated bank account three working days after the completion of the event.

If an event needs to be cancelled or postponed, Online Ticket Seller can arrange a full refund to be paid to each customer. The money will be returned to all credit/debit cards or PayPal accounts in full including the booking fee. This is carried out as part of our service and we absorb any fees incurred.